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Full Day Toddler & Pre-K Programs

Full Day Toddler & Pre-K Programs

Full Day Toddler & Pre-K ProgramsFull Day Toddler & Pre-K Programs

We exist to facilitate every child's unique educational journey

 & to inspire a love of learning

About Us

"Children learn as they Play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” - O. Fred Donaldson

Primrose Preschool was founded by Julia Liberati, a licensed behavior analyst and early childhood educator. Julia has 12 years of experience working with children both as an educator and behavior consultant. A combination of her professional experience and most recent role as a mother has provided her with the opportunity to see first-hand how the environment we create and learning opportunities we contrive greatly affect our children’s development. 

Primrose was created to provide meaningful educational opportunities through play in a warm and naturalistic environment. Young children are active learners who benefit most from hands-on activities. Primrose teachers approach every activity with the intention of creating a meaningful learning experience that is individualized to meet each child’s needs. If the week’s theme is "Fall on the Farm" and one student loves building with blocks while another student enjoys coloring, both students will be introduced to concepts of Fall through their preferred play activities. The student who loves to build may be guided to build a farm. The student who enjoys coloring may be given fall colors to draw with and guided to draw fruits and vegetables harvested in the Fall.

At Primrose Preschool we also believe in the importance of time outdoors as there are lessons learned in nature that cannot be taught in the classroom. Time spent outdoors enhances creative play and teaches children an appreciation for the world around them. 


Our Curriculum & Environment

Our environment and curriculum are influenced by Waldorf Education and the Vygotsky Approach - Tools of the Mind. One of the principal needs of young children, which is rarely focused on extensively in other school programs, is the need to develop  “learning to learn” skills.                                          

These skills include but are not limited to: attending to others, working memory, planning, problem solving, cooperation, and flexibility. Whether resolving a conflict with a friend, telling a story, or following a new instruction, we all rely on these skills. Here at Primrose we focus on the development of such skills while moving at a pace that is appropriate for each child. Traditional academic goals are incorporated into daily activities to ensure a balanced educational experience.

Even the best curriculum can fall short in an environment that is not conducive to learning. Professional experience and research points to minimalist-style classrooms being the most effective for learning. When distractions are minimized, children are able to focus and engage in more intentional play, creating a more meaningful learning experience.

Primrose Preschool follows Waldorf recommendations which include soft tones, mostly organic material (wood, cotton, wool, etc.), and limited decor in our classrooms.  Preventing overstimulation not only helps promote focused learning, but also supports the growth of a happy, healthy child.

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105 Frenchtown Rd. East Greenwich, RI 02818

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